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Your Photo Submission Instructions

WE ARE EXCITED AS WE START BUILDING OUR “DIVAS OVER 50” MEMBERS ONLY PHOTO GALLERY.  <>  Sorry to our wonderful member supporters who are not a diva over 50 – this particular gallery is only for us “over 50 fabulous divas”.

To Post <> You must be a member of the “Divas Over 50 Group

Go to this page and  join  “Divas Over 50 – Group”

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Photo Submission Instructions:

  1. Provide your name the way you want it printed.
  2. Tell us whether the photo is “diva vintage” or “diva today”.
  3. Post no more than one photo until further notice.

Photo style is your choice <> a headshot <> a close up <> a full figure <> an activity you do photo <> an achievement award photo, etc. <> just make it great!

(Photos in poster are samples and ideas to give you some assorted direction should you wonder which of your great photos to submit <> It now contains only several of our diva members)

Problem posting there – email photo (or questions):  divasover50@gmail.com

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Our Diva Over 50 website:  https://divasover50.wordpress.com

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